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Asking for Help.

This story begins many years ago in high school. With roots in much early experiences. To learn more about an out of body experience I began going to the spiritualists church in Edmonton.

There I learn that I truly am not my body. What I was first shown in the out of body experiance. The quest to answer questions lead me to the spiritualist.

Happening at the same time was dating, marriage, and kids. All of which provide background for the events that take place here in this story.

In the inexperience with the Spiritualist church. I got another view of Christ and Christ consciousness. One of the things I attended was what was called a 'rescue circle'. This experience reaches into today's practises. No I have not attended a circle since this one. They have just not been a part of life experience after I learn the lessons they could offer.

One event sticks out in my mind on the top and a few other minor ones that I will not go into now. That one was a Young woman that came though the medium in tears.

We asked what was the cause of her grief.

Her response was that she was overwhelmed with work.

We asked what she was working on.

Response was; I have taken on the responsibility of looking after the vary young that died before their time. Which she said was 5 years old

This age has since proven to be a key age for the new entity to maintain control of the personality of this en carnation.

Our response was not the normal for a rescue circle which tended more to Your dead or with out a body move on. This was more direct yet is contained in the move on advice.

It was simple. If you need help ask for it. Be open to accept it when it comes. You may not recognize it depending on how learn your made your request for help. Keep in mind the help may not take you in the direction you thought was right for the current issue but will be true to your life path.

She went away for a moment and came back crying even more! Although the tone of crying had changed we asked why she was till crying.

I am crying because their have be hundreds waiting for me to ask for help. Now there are more than I need.

To those that were present the lesson was if you need help ask for it. It will come.

Years later I was with my daughter Tracy at a Vipasina farm in the Cristina Lake area. This time was vary had for me as I had to make the choice to give up my daughter so she could be with her Mon and sister. Still working out that decision with her and her family.

Vipasina retreat's are vary hard for westerners. You have to give up speaking for 10 days if you take the coarse. VARY hard for most. I was there as a guest on the farm because Tracy and I needed a place to be a family with a family supporting us. We both grew from our time there.

As religion and its dogma are not a part of my world I choose to move a tent to the other side of the property and camp out. One day I could hear shouts over my head. I left to camp to see a young woman screaming out to the cosmos over the fence from the retreat.

I approached and we began talking of why she was shouting. I told her the above story adding the caveat that it did not mater if the spirit existed or not. The important part is to ask for help and be as clear as you can about what help you want.

The Personal dilemma I was facing was best for Tracy. I think I wrote the letter to Donna there on my personal retreat. History shows I chose for her to go live with her sister. I saw her once after that. She was about 5.

Without Tracy to look after I moved on to travel and learn more about the spiritual side of my existence. On this thread it took 3 or more years to end up in a small Californian town called Grass valley. My friend Arvinda was a member of a yoga group fallowing Swami Visnu Divinunda. He told me of a ashram they had in Grass valley and to check it out.

I had a great time meditated did a little yoga. Learned to put shakes on the roof and many other fantastic. things Like drinking beer in Timbuktu.

One morning I arose with the strongest urge to go to town. Did not know why but knew I had to go. I went to the man in charge and asked if I could use the ashram VW to go to town. He asked why? Don't know just have to go now. He said OK we were planing tomorrow but I check around and we could go today.

Soon we are loaded up in the bug. Fantastic way to travel bugs!

My mind was full of filling the emotional void left from the loss of my family. Maybe the new wife would be there. We arrived in town and each went on their quest for town. I looking in shops. In ladies eyes Are you why I came to town? went to the medium learn a bit of the history of the valley. No reason there.

I finally gave up thinking I would not find why I came to town so I went to the road out of town as that is were we agreed to meet. This lead me past the library

A hand reached out of the sky and grabbed me by the head turned me around and directed me to the entrance of the library. The intensity was far grater than when the bandage around my head was predicted. The bandage was from injures received when I had an accident that Donna broke her leg in.

Cruised the library not seeing anything of importance. Even checked out a book or two. I when out to the street and turned to the farm again. I was turned around again. In I went. This time to an old section of the library were the old library bound books were kept. Shelves of them. Sliver of a magazine bound book showed it self to me. Taking it out I read the cover. Sheila the She Devil.

I sat down to read it. Published by the theosophical society of England. This group travels the world to investigate paranormal occurrences. The came to grass valley to investigate the story of Sheila the she Devil. A well know legend of the Grass Valley gold field era.

Here is what I remember of the story. Will link it if I can find a digital version.

The society members arrived with a medium and other instigator and equipment. They found your barely able to maintain a physical body. In fact the story was told mostly though the medium.

She said she wanted to move on but she was trapped by her story. She had to tell it from her point of view. Her story the best I can remember it.

Sheila arrived with her parents and younger twin brothers. Over the first few years she lost her parents and eventually her twin brothers at the age of 5 or so.

Alone and barely a teen she was forced to fend her own way to survive in a vary harsh world. She took on jobs as camp cook for miners.

On one such occasion she left camp for some reason. She was fallowed by two of the minor hoping to get a bit of action. In a fight she fell over a cliff and lay at the bottom. The miners were shocked at what happened tern to run from the scene. Turning to go they heard a noise behind them. There she was standing at the top the hill. The cliff was to high for her have gotten there on foot.

Both died in their terrified run.

Being able to materialize a body at will was a trick she used to get revenge. She wanted revenge deeply and used it to fuel her plan.

She would moralize a body and enter camp. If they showed lust she would let them have their way. She loved to demoralize just as they were about to ejaculate. Likely how she earned the local name.

She said she only spared one. Who did not do more than offer hospitality of camp.

In time her need for revenge was passing and see began spending more time with the young children in the valley. It was common knowledge she helped and played with the kids.

Her ability to materialize a body was beginning to fade as her revenge faded. She knew she was moving on.

When ask what she was moving on to.

I am moving on to look after all the young children that die before the age of 5.

I now had closed the circle on this entity. She was real. I no longer had any doubt that we are not our bodies. We can communicate in a variety of ways. Yes just ask for help.

Last Update July 29, 2017

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