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0ut of body Experience.

Not sure of the date of this. Mid to end of our stay in the apartments complex in This would be in the time of the mercury program at NASA . I build a cardboard copy of mercury in the basement of this complex.

Now that I have dated myself Lets get on with the story

On the front lawn of the complex we lived in. Our unit was 5 the furthest back in the row Facing the road.

A scrub game was happening in the largest area near the road and the two units 90 deg to the road. In lower mid point of the triangle created by the housing complex. 6 living units in each structure. to

Kids from all over the complex was in the game. Each eager to plan and to bat. In my eagerness to be next in bat I step in behind the batter as they began to swing. By the time the swing got around to me I was right on the end of the swing of the bat. I remember it coming at me and hitting me.

Next I was looking down on a chaotic scene of kids watching my body on the ground. Kids running to get my mom. I head her word as they told her what happened. I saw them pick up my body and carried it into the house an lay it on the couch.

I had no pain, no anxiety. No fear at all. I chose to go back into my body partially because the pain my mom was going though I wanted to stop. Partially be cause it was to soon to leave this world. Though I could not have expressed how I felt in anyway to another.

We were Baptists at the time and I was attending Sunday school with the minister Dave Burckholder. He was a tender of the flock. Even though I was vary young he answered my question with respect. I trusted him.

I told him my story. He listen with respect. His response was what I would call truthful and intent to help me what ever way I went. He told me the church would not answer the questions I was asking and nether could he personaly as it was outside his experience.

He cautioned me on speaking of this to others. As he thought they would not understand and do me harm.

The next person I told the story to lead me to the Spiritualist church were I learn what had happened.

I learned that I am not my body. I control the body though the eye of Horus. That there is a silver cord that connect us to our body. I have no way of knowing if the cord that connected me to my body was broken in death or not. I know that I chose to go back. I knew I did not have to.

I learned that there is lots going on that don't meet the eye. Mostly because we don't allow yourselves to see alternatives.

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